our planet is dying. it's that simple. 

doing our best is no longer good enough.


we are the last generation able to reverse what has been accepted as the irreversible. 

we must accept that the generations before us have failed us, handing us a world quite literally on its last breath.

 poisoned oceans. mass-extinction. systematic deforestation. a vanishing cryosphere.


they have left us with economic and political systems which focus solely on attaining infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.  

it's simply not possible, let alone sustainable. 


throughout history, all of the big changes in society have started at the grassroots level. 

they begin with day-to-day actions that grow into community movements. 

as an independant 'business' operating out of cardboard boxes from a 3m x 4m bedroom, we have found ourselves with the power to influence hundreds of people each month. 

in 2019 we pledged 3% of all sales to environmental organisations of our customers choice.


by june 2020, we had raised and donated £974 to grassroots organisations around the world. 

from polar bear conservation in the arctic to albatross protection in the antarctic, from salmon management in the rockies to snow leopard conservation in the himalayas, we are committed to doing more to save our home planet. 


in december 2019, we created a uk beaver project, helping to raise awareness of beaver populations within the british isles.


thanks to generous donations from across the uk and the rest of the world, we have been able to raise just over £200 for the devon wildlife trust and their efforts to reintroduce the eurasian beaver back into the uk. 


following this success, we are now helping organisations working to reintroduce the Eurasian lynx back into the Scottish highlands.


our hope is to see both lynx and beavers roam freely in our forests within the next 15 years.


the task in front of us is unprecedented.


so daunting that many have already given up. 

we must accept that we will not see the impact of our actions within our lifetime. 

we must plant the seeds of change knowing that we will not be the ones resting in the shade.


the decisions we make and the actions we do must be selfless.  

we must also remind ourselves that in all of the species on this planet, homosapiens are the only ones which consciously try to protect and help other species survive. 

we are the only ones who can save our planet.