our planet is dying. it's that simple. 

doing our best is no longer good enough.


we are the last generation able to reverse what has been accepted as the irreversible. 

we must accept that the generations before us have failed us; handing us a world quite literally on its death bed...poisoned oceans, a vanishing cryosphere, mass-extinction.


they have left us with economic and political systems which focus solely on attaining infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.  

we must sacrifice more than our parent's generation did. we must give more than we have. 

throughout history, all of the big changes in society have started at the grassroots level. 

in 2019 we honoured this by pledging 3% of all sales to environmental organisations of our customers choice. 

so far we've raised money for ocean plastic clean-ups in the maldives, snow leopard protection in the himalayas, polar bear conservation in the arctic and tree planting in madagascar - where 2/3's of the islands forests have been destroyed since 1950.

alongside this, we have also created our very own uk beaver project, helping to raise awareness of beaver populations within the british isles.

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