how does it work?

north american brands such as patagonia and the north face (usa) and arc'teryx (canada) offer completely different product ranges to their north american customers compared to their british customers.


the products available in north america are highly exclusive and consist of new designs, rare colours and the latest technologies - most of which are not available to buy in the uk.


unfortunately, these companies refuse to ship outside of north america to avoid competing with their european distributors. 

this is where we come in...


iceland_greenland_antarctica is now offering a forward shipping service which enables british customers to access north american products and get them shipped to the uk at an incredibly low cost. 

so, how does it work?

step 1) visit any of the canadian websites below and select the item or items you want. feel free to mix and match across different websites and choose multiple items from different brands. 

patagonia (canada)

the north face (canada)

arc'teryx (canada)

step 2) no need to checkout, we do all that for you. once you've found the items you want, simply fill out the order form on our website and wait for us to send you your invoice. 

step 3) we place your order for you and get it shipped to our canadian address just north of vancouver in british columbia. here we package your order before shipping it to the uk.

step 4) sit back and relax whilst you wait for your north american exclusive order to arrive. 

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