- Patagonia golden dorado world trout t-shirt.

- Part of the Patagonia world trout collection which promote sustainable fishing practises across North America and the rest of the world.

- If anyone wants to learn more about fish farms I’d definitely recommend watching “artifishal” on YouTube. It’s a patagonia film and really makes you think.

- Salminus brasiliensis, commonly known as the golden dorado, is native to the freshwater habitats of South America struggling to cope with habitat loss and water degradation.

- Made from 50% recycled cotton 🌱 and 50% recycled polyester.

- Saved 63 gallons of water 💦 during manufacturing.

- Made using 4.8 plastic bottles 🍼.

- Previously worn but still in excellent condition. 

Patagonia "Salminus brasiliensis" World Trout T-Shirt